Report Shows Strong Performance, Stable Frequency Response and Less Severe Transmission Outages
ATLANTA – The North American Electric Reliability Corporation completed an independent review of bulk power system trends to analyze the state of reliability and provide an integrated view of reliability performance in its annual State of Reliability 2015. The report’s key findings show the bulk power system sustained high reliability performance, realized a reduction in unplanned transmission outages leading to load loss, maintained stable frequency response, and experienced no instances of load loss due to a cyber or physical security risk. Consistent with prior State of Reliability report findings, uncontrollable severe weather events continue to be the largest factor affecting the performance of the bulk power system.
The State of Reliability 2015 report’s findings and recommendations serve as input to NERC’s risk assessment and reliability standards project prioritization of specific actions that can be taken to manage potential risks and enhance bulk power system reliability.
Posted On: 05/28/2015