Report Shows Strong Reliability Performance, Increase in Severe Weather Resiliency, Decrease in Human Error
ATLANTA – The North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s State of Reliability 2016 report highlights the strong state of design, planning and operation of the bulk power system by reviewing past performance. Based on the year-on-year analysis, the bulk power system performed well in 2015.
This independent review of the bulk power system assesses the state of reliability based on the analysis of data and metric trends. The key findings and recommendations are then used to inform NERC’s risk assessment and mitigation activities, standards development and other process improvements.
“This report confirms that the bulk power system continues to perform well - highlighting improvements in the past year in several areas,” said Gerry Cauley, president and chief executive officer. “While past performance alone cannot exclusively be relied upon to predict the impacts of risks in the future, this report is one tool that enables NERC to identify risks to reliability, set priorities, and determine the effectiveness of mitigation efforts.”
Posted On: 05/17/2016