Response to FERC Open Meeting Actions
NERC is pleased with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s action on three reliability matters, including the Critical Infrastructure Protection Version 5 Reliability Standards (CIP V5). CIP V5 represents a comprehensive, risk-based approach that will further enhance the security of the North American bulk-power system. NERC will review the impacts of the directive to remove the “identify, assess and correct” language from CIP V5, and will respond to any other issues identified. These standards are the culmination of the hard work and collaboration between industry, NERC and FERC. NERC also appreciates the approval of Paragraph 81 retirements and will review FERC’s comments on the Transmission Operations and the Interconnection Reliability Operations and Coordination Reliability Standards and respond to the issues identified. NERC appreciates the recognition of our efforts to improve the standards and compliance process.
In addition, we wish Chairman Jon Wellinghoff well as he leaves FERC and thank him for his service and collaboration. NERC congratulates Acting Chair Cheryl LaFleur and looks forward to the continued work with her to ensure the reliability of the bulk-power system.
Posted On: 11/21/2013