Response to FERC Open Meeting
NERC was pleased to work with FERC staff to provide a preliminary update on the bulk power system performance during the January 6-8 extreme cold weather event at FERC’s open meeting today. While it is too early to draw conclusions or comparisons to other events, NERC continues to work with the industry to gather data to help direct analytical efforts, which will include lessons learned and recommendations for further improving preparation and processes during extreme circumstances.
NERC has established a solid events analysis foundation to learn from events and disturbances, to identify reliability risks and, ultimately, to further enhance reliability efforts. This will be an extensive effort, but we are confident that NERC and the industry can reach the goal of maintaining reliability, while improving efforts where needed. FERC, NERC and stakeholders share a common interest in ensuring the reliability of the bulk power system of North America, and will continue our work together toward that end. Joint FERC/NERC Presentation
Posted On: 01/16/2014