Response to July 17 FERC Actions
WASHINGTON, DC The North American Electric Reliability Corporation is pleased with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issuance of two notices of proposed rulemaking proposing to approve NERC Reliability Standards addressing physical security and maintenance of auto reclosing relays.  NERC also supports FERC’s issuance of a final rule approving two NERC Reliability Standards on generator and transmission relay loadability.
In particular, NERC commends FERC’s prompt response on the physical security standard (CIP-014-01). The standard, which was developed in response to a March 7 FERC order, addresses the requirements of the order and, as is the case for all cyber and physical security standards, is deliberately dynamic and adaptable to the constantly changing threat environment. The proposed standard enhances NERC’s foundational physical security efforts and helps ensure that owners and operators of the bulk power system take the necessary steps to protect the grid from physical attacks. However, FERC proposes to direct NERC to develop a modification that would specifically allow governmental authorities to add or subtract facilities from an entity’s list of critical facilities. FERC’s NOPR provides for 45 days for public comment and a 15-day reply period, after which a final rule will be issued.    
Physical security has always been a priority for NERC and the Regional Entities. For example, NERC addresses physical security through mandatory standards, guidelines, training exercises and alerts. NERC’s Electricity Sector Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ES-ISAC) monitors and analyzes events and issues alerts through a secure portal to inform industry of physical and cyber threats, and to advise mitigation actions. 
Posted On: 07/17/2014