Statement by FERC Chairman Chatterjee and NERC President, CEO Cauley on Industry Assistance to Hurricane Irma Recovery
WASHINGTON, D.C. – We appreciate and encourage the ongoing inter-utility cooperation among utilities, both public and private, in response to Hurricane Irma, which devastated Florida and Georgia, neighboring states, Puerto Rico and U.S. territories in the Caribbean. This storm comes on the heels of Hurricane Harvey, which already put the electricity industry to the test.
The Hurricane Irma response likely will be among the largest industry restoration efforts in U.S. history.  Utility industry vegetation and line crews have traveled to the region in large numbers from across the country and Canada.
Nevertheless, affected utilities in the southeastern United States report that, in many areas, they still urgently need vegetation management and line crews to expedite restoration and recovery of electricity to customers. We encourage cooperation of the industry in providing assistance to areas affected by Hurricane Irma.
Posted On: 09/12/2017