Statement on Clean Power Plan Finalization
NERC appreciates that the Environmental Protection Agency’s final Clean Power Plan rule reflects changes identified in NERC’s two special reliability assessments released earlier this year. While we continue to review the details, initial reports indicate that the final rule addresses several topics identified as needing attention by the NERC reports and many stakeholders.
Over the past year, NERC published two reviews of the potential reliability impacts of the draft Clean Power Plan. The Initial Reliability Review focused on the four building blocks in the draft plan, while the Phase 1 Special Assessment looked at potential transmission and infrastructure constraints. Both assessments provided recommendations to policymakers and stakeholders concerning potential reliability challenges arising from the proposed rule. NERC’s principal finding recommended additional time in order to allow for extensive planning and significant investments in new energy infrastructure that will be needed to achieve emission reduction goals.
NERC, as the electric reliability organization, is directed by the Federal Power Act to conduct periodic assessments of the reliability and adequacy of the bulk power system in North America. NERC conducts these assessments based on independent analysis of the information on the state of the grid and the plans of the users, owners and operators of the grid.
NERC plans a third reliability assessment based on EPA’s final rule of the Clean Power Plan, expected by the second quarter of 2016. This assessment will review the final rule’s known requirements and emerging state implementation plans. NERC remains focused on assuring the reliable operation of the bulk power system based on our decades of experience and statutory responsibilities.
Posted On: 08/03/2015