Statement on FERC’s September Open Meeting
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission took action on several items related to reliability at its monthly open meeting on September 22.
FERC issued Order No. 830 for Reliability Standard TPL-007-1 – Transmission System Planned Performance for Geomagnetic Disturbance Events. The rule approves NERC’s proposed standard and directs NERC to develop three modifications and to conduct additional research.
Other action included a notice of proposed rulemaking to approve Reliability Standards BAL-005-1 – Balancing Authority Control and FAC-001-3 – Facility Interconnection Requirements and retirement of Reliability Standard BAL-006-2 – Inadvertent Interchange.
Finally, FERC issued an order approving Reliability Standards IRO-018-1 – Reliability Coordinator Real-time Reliability Monitoring and Analysis Capabilities and TOP-010-1 – Real-time Reliability Monitoring and Analysis Capabilities. These standards address real-time reliability monitoring and analysis capabilities of Reliability Coordinators, Balancing Authorities and Transmission Operators.
Reliability is a priority for NERC and industry, and we will continue the work with FERC and stakeholders toward assuring the reliability of the North American bulk power system.
Posted On: 09/22/2016