Statement on FERC's June Open Meeting
WASHINGTON, D.C.The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission took action on several items related to reliability at its monthly open meeting on June 16. Action included orders on reactive power requirements for new non-synchronous generation and the availability of certain NERC databases to FERC. 
The reactive power order will eliminate the exemption for wind generators to provide reactive power and impose reactive power requirements on new non-synchronous generation, which is needed for efficient and reliable operation of the grid. The database availability order will require NERC to provide FERC with access to certain data within three NERC databases: Transmission Availability Data System, Generating Availability Data System and Protection System Misoperations database. FERC stated that information accessed by FERC under this final rule would pertain only to data related to U.S. facilities and include only data that is mandatorily reported.
FERC also proposed revisions to its regulations to implement provisions of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act), which address securing and sharing sensitive critical energy infrastructure information (CEII). FERC noted that the database availability rule will take effect upon issuance of a final rule implementing the FAST Act provisions.
Reliability is a priority for NERC and industry, and we will continue the work with FERC and stakeholders toward assuring the reliability of the North American bulk power system.
Posted On: 06/16/2016