Statement on FERC Meeting Actions
WASHINGTON, DC – The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued Notices of Proposed Rulemaking proposing to approve three NERC Reliability Standards during its open meeting on September 18.
FERC proposed to approve COM-001-2–Communications and COM-002-4–Operating Personnel Communications Protocols, which replace and improve upon the current standards for communication capabilities and communications protocols necessary to maintain reliability. The action also seeks comment on a proposed directive to modify COM-001-2 to address internal communication capabilities and on the meaning and use of two proposed new terms.
The second Notice of Proposed Rulemaking – MOD-031-1–Demand and Energy Data – provides authority for applicable entities to collect demand, energy and related data to support reliability and assessments, consolidating five MOD standards into a single comprehensive standard. FERC seeks comment on the collection of data through mechanisms other than data requests and seeks clarification on whether a planning coordinator or balancing authority that receives data “through alternative mechanisms” remains obligated to provide such data to a Regional Entity upon request.
FERC also accepted NERC’s annual Find, Fix, Track and Report compliance filing and approved a program modification. NERC will review the final order when it is filed and act accordingly.
NERC appreciates FERC’s acceptance of the FFT annual report and its recognition of the reliability benefit of the proposed standards. NERC will provide comments within 60 days of the publication of the NOPRs in the Federal Register as required.  
Posted On: 09/18/2014