Statement on Physical Security, Critical Assets
ATLANTA -- The electricity industry has always made reliability a priority. This is done through mandatory reliability standards and guidelines, including cyber and physical security; and through focus by utilities on preparation, prevention, response and recovery efforts, including industry and government spare equipment programs.
While much work has been done and much more is ongoing, it is disappointing and concerning that the media would choose to disregard the existing security of our nation’s infrastructure and publish information that could impact the security of our grid. Publicly discussing specific vulnerabilities of critical grid assets raises serious national security concerns and undermines the substantial, ongoing work that NERC, industry and government are doing to strengthen our grid against potential cyber and physical security attacks. Articles like the one in the Wall Street Journal today do nothing to improve security, rather they jeopardize it.
It is important to note that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s order on March 7 directed the development of a standard that addresses physical security threats and vulnerabilities. NERC has initiated the standards development process in response to the Commission’s order.
Cyber and physical security have long been priorities for NERC. We remain committed to the security and reliability of the North American grid.
Posted On: 03/13/2014