Statement on Risk-Based Registration Initiative Action at FERC Open Meeting
The North American Electric Reliability Corporation appreciates the actions taken at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s open meeting regarding NERC’s Risk-Based Registration Initiative.  FERC recognized that the initiative ensures that the right entities are subject to the right set of NERC Reliability Standards.  FERC also recognized that the effect of the initiative will be to reduce the regulatory burden on NERC-registered organizations and to allow them to focus more closely on issues with a greater potential to impact reliability. 
FERC approved the majority of NERC’s proposal and requested additional information prior to the elimination of the functional registration category for load-serving entities, including how certain reliability data would be obtained. FERC also added PRC-005, NERC’s protection system maintenance standard, to the subset list of standards for under-frequency load shedding distribution providers. In addition, FERC requested that NERC submit additional information about the implementation of its proposal.
NERC launched the RBR initiative in 2014 to ensure that a common approach to identifying and evaluating risks to reliability is used consistently throughout the electric reliability organization. NERC appreciates FERC’s support of the initiative and remains committed to its mission of assuring the reliability of the North American bulk power system.
Posted On: 03/19/2015