Statement on the July FERC Open Meeting

WASHINGTON, D.C. – FERC took action on several key reliability items at its July opening meeting, including issuing a final rule on Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Reliability Standards and an order on Rules of Procedure revisions.

FERC issued a final rule directing modifications to the CIP Reliability Standards to improve mandatory reporting of cyber security incidents, including attempts that might facilitate subsequent efforts to harm reliable operation of the nation's bulk power system. FERC directed NERC to submit the modifications within six months of the effective date of the final rule.

FERC also issued an order approving, in part, and denying, in part, proposed revisions to NERC's Rules of Procedure Sections 600 (Personnel Certification) and 900 (Training and Education). Specifically, the order directs NERC to restore sections 603, 604, and 605 that NERC proposed for deletion. These provisions pertain to (1) procedures for suspension of an operator's certification (section 603); (2) dispute resolution process (section 604); and (3) disciplinary action (section 605). The order determines that these provisions are not "programmatic detail" that can be transferred to NERC manuals but, rather, are substantive provisions that should remain in the NERC Rules of Procedure.

NERC appreciated FERC's action and will continue working with FERC and stakeholders toward assuring the reliability of the North American bulk power system.

FERC Press Release | Statement from Commissioner Chatterjee

Posted On: 07/19/2018