Cauley Gives Keynote at Utility Leadership Forum
NERC President and CEO Gerry Cauley participated in the Utility of the Future Leadership Forum on June 2–3 in Washington, D.C. Cauley was one panelist on a critical infrastructure protection discussion the first day of the forum and delivered the opening keynote address on the forum’s second day. Cauley discussed opportunities and challenges presented by distributed generation’s growing share of the resource mix, the impact of generation retirements on reliability and the prospects for electricity storage during his keynote.
Other panelists on the CIP discussion included Massoud Amin, chair of the Texas Reliability Entity’s Board of Directors; Richard Dewey, executive vice president of Operation, IT and Market Structures at the New York Independent System Operator; Jonathan Gray, principal investigator at Idaho National Laboratory; and Ken Rabedeau, chief technology officer of Global Energy Solutions at Alcatel-Lucent.
Posted On: 06/03/2015