NERC Participates in FERC Monthly Meeting; Clean Power Plan Technical Conference

NERC appreciates the opportunity to participate in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s technical conference on the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan. The conference discussed the implications of compliance approaches to the proposed rule, in particular issues related to reliability, wholesale markets and operations and infrastructure.

“The EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan has the potential to significantly affect the nation’s electric generation resource mix, infrastructure needs, markets and regulatory regimes. Individually and collectively, these impacts raise important considerations for reliability of the bulk power system,” said Gerry Cauley, president and chief executive officer at NERC. “Forums, such as this technical conference, bring together stakeholders to discuss these considerations, including state and regional coordination, timing, the need for a reliability safety valve and essential reliability services. We must be assured the bulk power system will remain reliable during and after the transformation from the current state to the envisioned end-state.”

NERC, as the electric reliability organization, is committed to assuring the reliability of the bulk power system and welcomes this important dialogue.

Technical Conference Testimony

Prior to the technical conference, FERC held its monthly commission meeting and issued orders approving NERC’s Reliability Assurance Initiative information filing and a demand and energy data standard (MOD-031-1). In addition to the conditions required by the order, FERC directed NERC to submit a compliance filing within 90 days to revise NERC's rules of procedures to include the Reliability Assurance Initiative concepts and programs in its Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program.

FERC also issued an order approving the MOD-031-1 Demand and Energy Data Reliability Standard, which allows system planners and operators to collect demand, energy and related data to support reliability studies and assessments.

FERC Release

Posted On: 02/19/2015