NERC's Grid Security Exercise (GridEx) is an opportunity for utilities to demonstrate how they would respond to and recover from simulated coordinated cyber and physical security threats and incidents, strengthen their crisis communications relationships, and provide input for lessons learned. The exercise is conducted every two years. GridEx aims to:
  • Exercise incident response plans
  • Expand local and regional response
  • Engage interdependent sectors
  • Improve communication
  • Gather lessons learned
  • Engage senior leadership

Who Should Participate?

The exercise brings together organizations from industry, law enforcement, and government agencies. GridEx participants include:

  • Electric utility companies
  • Regional (state, local, provincial) and federal government
  • Critical infrastructure cross-sector partners (ISACs and other utilities), and
  • Supply chain stakeholder organizations

Due to the sensitive nature of the scenario discussion, this exercise program is not open to the general public or the media.

GridEx VI

NERC's Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (E-ISAC) is planning the sixth biennial grid security exercise (GridEx VI) for November 16–18, 2021.

Stay tuned to the E-ISAC Portal and this web page for more GridEx VI information. Resources to look out for include:

  • GridEx VI registration link
  • GridEx VI Fact Sheet
  • GridEx VI Frequently Asked Questions

About GridEx

Lessons learned from previous GridEx exercises are available in the public reports, below.

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