Physical Security Standard Implementation

NERC and industry have always made the reliability and security of the grid a key priority. Industry stakeholders have decades of experience working to protect our shared infrastructure and are constantly reevaluating threats and taking steps to protect the system. Standards are one piece of this complex, dynamic endeavor of providing a comprehensive approach to reliability. 
On November 20, 2014, FERC approved CIP-014-1 – Physical Security, which NERC developed in response to a March 7, 2014 FERC order directing the development of a standard that addresses physical security threats and vulnerabilities. The standard will become effective on October 1, 2015.
Work to address the FERC directives issued on November 20 is underway. Specifically, the Project 2014-04 standard drafting team that developed CIP-014-1 is working on revisions to address FERC’s concern with the use of the term “widespread” in Requirement R1. FERC has directed NERC to file these revisions by July 27, 2015.
Efforts to Support Implementation
NERC is conducting several activities to support increased understanding of the various requirements in CIP-014-1 and promote transparency and confidence in industry’s implementation of the standard.
During the implementation period for CIP-014-1, with the support and engagement of industry stakeholders and the Regional Entities, NERC will issue guidance documents, provide training to industry and ERO compliance and enforcement staff, and conduct other outreach efforts to improve industry’s understanding of the requirements of CIP-014-1 and help ensure that industry is technically ready to implement the various requirements in the standard according to the time frame provided in the implementation plan. These activities are also designed to ensure the ERO Enterprise enforces CIP-014-1 consistently, reasonably, and transparently.