Adequacy Gap (Quarterly View)
Adequacy Gap Index

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The 2002 – 2008 quarterly AG trend plots are provided in the following. There is a seasonal pattern to the events over the year, with the 2006 summer weather particularly mild compared to other years. A clear periodicity is evident between the summer (Q3) and winter months (Q1 and Q4).

1Q – Winter (January, February, March)
2Q – Spring (April, May, June)
3Q – Summer (July, August, September)
4Q – Fall/Early Winter (October, November, December)


About this Metric

The Adequacy Gap Index is designed to measure the capacity and energy deficiency (the ability to supply load, or demand for electricity) based on emergency events in steady-state conditions. The Adequacy Gap Index is defined as the number of capacity and energy emergency events for a study period.

Analysis of bulk power system disturbances has indicated that extreme weather, short-term load forecast errors, and unplanned generation outages are main causes of these emergency events.