Reliability Performance Gap
Reliability Performance Gap Index

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43 significant disturbances and outages occurred in 2008, as compared with 30 such events in 2007. Greater scrutiny on how such events are classified, coupled with a rise in misoperations of protection systems and controls, drove the nearly 50% increase – most of which was seen in less severe Category 2 disturbances. Other contributing factors to 2008 disturbances were equipment failure, vegetation contacts, and human error.

About this Metric

This index is designed to measure how far the system is from expected performance under contingencies (dynamic conditions).  The RPG is defined as number of disturbance events in Categories 2 through 5 for a given period.  It measures the change in system ability to cope with pre-studied contingencies and unforeseen disturbances.  Ultimately, RPG indicates the most important measure of reliability standard and enforcement program effectiveness:  the number of events declining toward zero.