Frequency of Multiple Forced Outages Dashboard
About This Metric
NOTICE: The data sets and aggregations reported on this page are in a sample format. They are currently being reviewed and verified. The data and aggregations may be modified pending further review and analysis. As such, this data should not be utilized for policy making or planning purposes.
Multiple unit forced outages constitute a reliability risk to the bulk power system, and this has prompted the industry to monitor and track these types of trips. GADSWG decided to only include in the study units rated at 50 MW and above. The total of multi-unit trips was determined by evaluating unit proximity (region and state) and event times within five minutes.

Net Dependable Capacity – NDC
NDC is the unit’s GDC less any capacity (MW) utilized for that unit’s station service or auxiliary loads. Total NDC is a summation of the total generation that tripped automatically at once.