Manufacturer's Support Services (MSS)

NERC introduced Manufacturer's Support Services (MSS) in 1993 to provide data and support services to manufacturers of major components of electric generating units such as the boiler and steam turbine. Application tools - MSS and pc-GAR - enhance the benefits to the manufacturers greatly.

The applications make GADS data easy to view and query. Export capabilities provide data in Comma Separated Value (CSV) and ASCII-string format for use in other user-specific applications.

About the Data

MSS provides a variety of data from GADS: "summary" data, design data, and event data.

Summary data are prepared by NERC from the data power generators supply to the Generating Availability Data System (GADS). They are divided into four types: annual unit data, quarterly unit data, major equipment group data, and individual component cause code data.

Design data describe the installed equipment and other important design parameters of a unit. They are reported once for each unit when commercial operation begins.

Event data are detailed descriptions of all incidents that affect units' availability and the equipment or other factors that cause them.

New Software Makes it Easy to Use Generating Unit Availability Data

NERC is offering two new PC software products as part of its Manufacturers Support Services (MSS) activities. One program allows users to view generator-specific data files sent to them each month as part of the MSS agreement. The other creates user-specified reports detailing causes of generating-unit unavailability. Both programs have print and data export capabilities.