Bulk Electric System(BES) Definition Transition Period Closure Process

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The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has published the Bulk Electric System (BES) Definition Transition Period Closure Process. During the two-year transition period of the revised BES definition, Self-Determined Notices (SDNs) were submitted through the NERC BES Notification and Exceptions Tool (BESnet). After July 1, 2016, responsible entities should submit inquiries concerning the BES element status by using existing procedures used to notify Regional Entities of other changes in status.  After July 1, 2016, applications for SDNs will no longer be accepted in BESnet.

The BES Exception Request Process to evaluate potential inclusions or exclusions outside the definition’s thresholds will continue in accordance with the Appendix 5C of the NERC Rules of Procedure (ROP), and be processed through the BESnet application.
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Posted On: 07/01/2016