Guidance for Dispersed Power Producing Resources Posted for Comment
Guidance: Standards Applicability for Dispersed Power Producing Resources
Poster for Comment through June 13, 2014
Draft guidance on the applicability of certain standards to dispersed power producing resources is posted for comment through 8 p.m. Eastern on June 13, 2014.  Please submit comments through the electronic comment form.
Next Steps
Following the comment period, the comments will be reviewed and the guidance will be clarified as needed, prior to posting on the BES Project page no later than July 1, 2014.
The definition of Bulk Electric System (BES) that becomes effective on July 1, 2014 includes the following inclusion criterion (Inclusion I4):
I4. Dispersed power producing resources that aggregate to a total capacity greater than 75 MVA (gross nameplate rating), and that are connected through a system designed primarily for delivering such capacity to a common point of connection at a voltage of 100 kV or above. Thus, the facilities designated as BES are:
a) The individual resources, and
b) The system designed primarily for delivering capacity from the point where those resources aggregate to greater than 75 MVA to a common point of connection at a voltage of 100 kV or above.
Dispersed power producing resources included in the BES have certain technical characteristics that may be different from non-dispersed generation resources, and Project 2014-01 – Standards Applicability for Dispersed Generation Resources is reviewing standards applicable to Generator Owners and Generator Operators to determine which standards may require revisions to clarify the applicability of standards to these resources to ensure that standards are applied appropriately to support reliable planning and operation of the interconnected transmission system. The standard drafting team (DGR SDT) has prepared a draft white paper with its analysis and technical justification for proposed applicability revisions, which is posted on the Project 2014-01 project page.
NERC has worked with representatives of the SDR SDT and other stakeholders to prepare draft guidance that is consistent with the SDT’s evaluation.  The draft guidance is intended to provide entities with certainty concerning how compliance will be monitored and enforced for certain standards in the interim period between the effective date of the definition (July 1, 2014) and the date that revised standards are approved. This guidance is intended to be entirely consistent with any revisions in progress in Project 2014-01, and is focused on those standards that do not either: i) already differentiate within the standard the applicability of required actions to either the aggregate or individual unit level; or ii) explicitly provide the registered entity latitude to decide whether to apply the requirements of the standard at the aggregate level versus the individual unit level.
This guidance addresses current and in-development versions of certain standards, and may be revised in the future to incorporate additional guidance, as needed to provide consistency and clarity.  To allow time to post this guidance so that entities can rely on it, comments are appreciated June 13, 2014
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Posted On: 06/04/2014