NERC Standards CIP-002-4 through CIP-009-4 provide a cyber security framework for the identification and protection of Critical Cyber Assets to support reliable operation of the Bulk Electric System.
These standards recognize the differing roles of each entity in the operation of the Bulk Electric System, the criticality and vulnerability of the assets needed to manage Bulk Electric System reliability, and the risks to which they are exposed.
Business and operational demands for managing and maintaining a reliable Bulk Electric System increasingly rely on Cyber Assets supporting critical reliability functions and processes to communicate with each other, across functions and organizations, for services and data. This results in increased risks to these Cyber Assets.
Standard CIP-002-4 requires the identification and documentation of the Critical Cyber Assets associated with the Critical Assets that support the reliable operation of the Bulk Electric System. These Critical Assets are to be identified through the application of the criteria in Attachment 1.
The Critical Cyber Assets reference document was developed in the context of Versions 1, 2, and 3, and is generally applicable to Version 4.
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Critcal Cyber Asset_approved by CIPCl and SC for Posting with CIP-002-1, CIP-002-2, CIP-002-3.pdfReference: Critical Cyber Asset Identification
Project -2008-06_Imp_Plan_for_Version_4_CI_Standards_clean_20101220.pdfImplementation Plan
Project_2008-06_CIP-002-4_Guidance_clean_20101220.pdfIdentifying Critical Cyber Assets
Project_2008-06_Draft_v4_Imp_Plan_Newly_Id_CCA_and_RE_clean_20101130.pdfImplementation Plan for Newly Identified Critical Cyber Assets and Newly Registered Entities