SAR to Remove WECC Waivers from INT-001 and INT-004

The removal of the WECC Waivers from INT-001-2 and INT-004-1 was approved by FERC on July 21, 2008.

Purpose/Industry Need: The only change proposed to INT-001-2 and INT-004-1 is to remove the WECC Tagging Dynamic Schedules and Inadvertent Payback Waiver dated November 21, 2002.

FERC Order 693 included the following:

825. The Commission stressed in Order No. 672 that uniformity of Reliability Standards should be the goal and practice, “the rule rather than the exception.” The Commission therefore stated in the NOPR that the absence of a tagging requirement for dynamic schedules in WECC is a matter of concern, and that for this reason it could not approve or remand this regional difference without the additional information it requested. To date the Commission has not received this information. Of particular importance in this compliance filing will be the ERO’s demonstration that this practice is due to a physical difference in the system or results in a more stringent Reliability Standard. Without this information, we are unable to address Xcel’s comments further. The Commission therefore directs the ERO to submit a filing within 90 days of the date of this order either withdrawing this regional difference or providing additional information.

The scope of this SAR is limited to removing WECC’s Waiver to comply with FERC’s directive.

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SAR for Removal of WECC Waiver from Reliability Standards
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SAR for Removal of WECC Waiver from Reliability Standards
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