Continuing Education
NERC's Continuing Education program acknowledges high-quality learning activities within the electric utility industry by approving continuing education providers that meet NERC guidelines and standards. Information on how to become a NERC-recognized continuing education provider is contained in the links below.
Provider Site:
Both initial and existing continuing education providers gain access to the System Operator Certification and Continuing Education Database (SOCCED) through a web portal designed to integrate with a Microsoft SQL database. The link below will take you to the SOCCED home page, where you can:
  1. Create a new provider account, or
  2. Access your existing provider account.

Once you gain access to the SOCCED, you can submit new individual learning activity (ILA) applications, review the status of existing courses, and submit transcripts of delivered courses so system operators can receive credit for Continuing Education hours earned by taking approved learning activities.

For more information about the Continuing Education program, email or call 404-446-9759

To Register or Log In to the Continuing Education Database, click here.
NERC recommends that potential Continuing Education providers become familiar with the Continuing Education program standards and criteria before submitting an application.
CE_Manual_4.5_October-2019.pdfContinuing Education Administrative Manual v4.510/21/2019