NERC December Compliance Workshop

Overall Session Quality

Please take a few moments to evaluate the December 2011 Compliance Workshop. All evaluations will be kept confidential. Thank you for helping us better meet your needs.

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1. Pre-Meeting
 Very Satisfied (5)Satisfied (4)Somewhat Satisfied (3)Not Satisfied (2)N/A (1)
Registration process was smooth
Hotel accommodations met my expectations
2. Session Quality - Overall
 Very Satisfied (5)Satisfied (4)Somewhat Satisfied (3)Not Satisfied (2)
Emphasized important material
Improved my understanding of compliance monitoring and enforcement, program status, and current issues
3. Materials - Overall
 Very Satisfied (5)Satisfied (4)Somewhat Satisfied (3)Not Satisfied (2)
Audio and visual materials enhanced my understanding of the content
4. Speakers and Presenters - Overall
 Very Satisfied (5)Satisfied (4)Somewhat Satisfied (3)Not Satisfied (2)
Knowledge of subject matter
Presentation skills
Sessions’ objectives were clearly communicated
Provided greater understanding about the session topics