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Recommendation to Industry: Consideration of Actual Field Conditions in Determination of Facility Ratings
On November 30, 2010, NERC provided an update to the October 7, 2010 Recommendation to Industry entitled “Consideration of Actual Field Conditions in Determination of Facility Ratings.” Transmission Owners and Generator Owners of Bulk Electric System facilities should review their current facility ratings methodology for their transmission lines to verify the methodology used is based on actual field conditions and determine if their ratings methodology will produce appropriate ratings when considering differences between design and field conditions. If entities have not previously verified that the facility design, installation, and field conditions are within design tolerances when the facilities are loaded at their ratings, entities are required by January 18, 2011, to describe its plans to complete such an assessment of all its transmission lines, with the highest priority lines assessed by December 31, 2011, medium priority lines by December 31, 2012, and the lowest priority by December 31, 2013.  At the conclusion of each year, each Transmission Owner and Generator Owner must report to its Regional Entity a summary of the assessments and identification of all transmission facilities where as-built conditions are different from design conditions, resulting in incorrect ratings, and their associated mitigation timelines.  Remediation is expected within one year from identification of the issue or on a schedule approved by the Regional Entity if longer than a year. Owners are also expected to coordinate with their respective operating and planning organizations to coordinate interim mitigation strategies.
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