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Standing Committees and Other
Through NERC’s technical committees, experts from all segments of the electricity industry contribute their knowledge to promote the reliability of the North American bulk power system. Click here to download the latest NERC Roster.

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 Committees, Subcommittees, Working Groups and Task Forces

Compliance & Certification Committee (CCC)
ERO Monitoring Subcommittee (EROMS)
Organization Registration and Certification Subcommittee (ORCS)
Compliance Processes and Procedures Subcommittee (CPPS)
Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee Executive Committee (CIPCEC)
Cyber Security Subcommittee (CSS)
Control Systems Security Working Group (CSSWG)
Cyber Attack Tree Task Force (CATTF)
Cyber Security Analysis Working Group (CSAWG)
Operating Security Subcommittee (OSS)
Electricity Sector Information Sharing Task Force (ESISTF)
HILF Implementation Task Force (HITF)
Grid Exercise Working Group (GEWG)
Physical Security Subcommittee (PSS)
Protecting Sensitive Information Guideline Task Force (PSIGTF)
Physical Security Guideline Task Force (PSGTF)
Security Training Working Group (STWG)
Physical Security Working Group (PSWG)
Security Policy Subcommittee (SPS)
Bulk Electric System Security Metrics Working Group (BESSMWG)
Personnel Security Clearances Task Force (PSCTF)
Compliance Enforcement and Input Working Group (CEIWG)
Real-time Application of PMUs to Improve Reliability Task Force (RAPIRTF)
Severe Impact Resilience Task Force (SIRTF)
Event Analysis Subcommittee (EAS)
Interchange Subcommittee (IS)
Joint Electric Scheduling Subcommittee (JESS)
Operating Reliability Subcommittee (ORS)
Data Exchange Working Group (DEWG)
Distribution Factor Working Group (DFWG)
Interchange Distribution Calculator Working Group (IDCWG)
System Data eXchange Self-Directed Work Team (SDX SDWT)
Real-time Tools Best Practices Task Force (RTBPTF)
Reliability Coordinator Working Group (RCWG)
Reliability Fundamental Working Group (RFWG)
Telecommunications Working Group (TWG)
Personnel Subcommittee (PS)
Resources Subcommittee (RS)
Exam Working Group (EWG)
Integration of Variable Generation Task Force (IVGTF)
Smart Grid Task Force (SGTF)
Geomagnetic Disturbance Task Force (GMDTF)
Protection System Misoperations Task Force (PSMTF)
Spare Equipment Database Working Group (SEDWG)
Performance Analysis Subcommittee (PAS)
Demand Response Availability Data System Working Group (DADSWG)
Generating Availability Data System Working Group (GADSWG)
IEEE 762-1 Task Force (IEEE762TF)
Solar Data Collection Working Group (SDCWG)
Wind Turbine Working Group (WTWG)
Transmission Availability Data System Working Group (TADSWG)
Planning Committee Executive Committee (PCEC)
Reliability Assessment Subcommittee (RAS)
Reliability Assessment Data Working Group (RADWG)
System Analysis and Modeling Subcommittee (SAMS)
Modeling Working Group (MWG)
System Protection and Control Subcommittee (SPCS)
AC Substation Equipment Task Force (ACSETF)

Functional Model Working Group (FMWG)
Standards Committee Communications and Planning Subcommittee (SCCPS)
Standards Committee Process Subcommittee (SCPS)
Project Management and Oversight Subcommittee (PMOS)

Adequate Level of Reliability Task Force (ALRTF)
Critical Infrastructure Strategic Coordinated Action Plan (CISCAP)
Electricity Sector Information Sharing and Analysis Center Pandemic Influenza Working Group (ES-ISAC-PIWG)
Electricity Sub-sector Coordinating Council (ESCC)
Legal Advisory Committee (LAC)
Power Flow and Dynamic Model Development and Validation
Regional Standards Group (RSG)
Regional Reliability Standards Working Group (RRSWG)
Standing Committees Coordination Group (SCCG)

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