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Standards Under Development
From this page you can keep track of and link to all proposed Reliability Standards under development. After a standard is adopted by the NERC Board of Trustees, the project is removed from this page and the standard is added to the appropriate Reliability Standards page.

Click here to access the new Balloting and Commenting web page.

Reliability Standards Under Development
Projects in Active Formal Development 
Consensus Building Options
Order 754
​Project 2007-06 - System Protection Coordination - PRC-027​
​Project 2008-02 - Undervoltage Load Shedding & Underfrequency Load Shedding - PRC-006-2, PRC-010, PRC-020, PRC-021 and PRC-022​
​Project 2010-05.2 - Special Protection Systems - Phase 2 of Protection Systems
Project 2010-13.3 - Phase 3 of Relay Loadability: Stable Power Swings
​Project 2010-14.1 - Phase 1 of Balancing Authority Reliability-based Controls: Reserves - BAL-002-2​
Project 2012-09 IRO Five-Year Review
​Project 2013-03 - Geomagnetic Disturbance Mitigation
Project 2014-01 - Standards Applicability for Dispersed Generation Resources
​Project 2014-02 - Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards Version 5 Revisions
​Project ​2014-03 - Revisions to TOP and IRO Standards
​Project 2014-04 - Physical Security
Interpretation 2010-INT-03 -  Interpretation of TOP-002-2a R2, R8, and R19 for FMPP
Interpretation 2012-INT-03 -  Interpretation of CIP-007 for TECO
Interpretation 2012-INT-07 -  Interpretation of CIP-005 for AEP
Cost Effective Analysis Process (CEAP) for NERC ERO Standards
Projects in Informal Development
Project 2009-02 -  Real-time Reliability Monitoring and Analysis Capabilities
Projects Under Consideration for Development
Project 2010-08 - Functional Model Glossary Revisions
Project 2010-16 - Definition of System Operator
Periodic Review Projects
Project 2010-14.2 - Periodic Review of BAL Standards – BAL-004, BAL-005, and BAL-006
Projects Under Research
None at this time​
Standards Under Field Test
Project 2007-18 - Reliability-based Control - Various BAL standards, EOP-002, and IRO-005
Continent-wide and Regional Standards Waiting for Board Adoption
Project 2009-20 - Interpretation of BAL-003-0 R2 and R5 by Energy Mark, Inc.
​Project 2014-02 - Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards Version 5 Revisions

Special Projects Adopted by the NERC Board of Trustees 

(Standard specific projects already adopted by the NERC Board of Trustees can be found on the NERC Reliability Standards webpage.) ​

Board of Trustees Adopted Date Date Filed with FERC
Project 2013-02 - Paragraph 81 February 7, 2013​ February 28, 2013​

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