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Strategic Documents

ERO Enterprise Strategic and Operational Planning and 2018 Business Plan and Budget Preparation Schedule (2017 Development Year)

As envisioned in the ERO Enterprise Operating Model, the ERO Enterprise (NERC and the eight Regional Entities) engages in periodic processes to develop strategic and operational documents to guide annual coordinated operations, resource planning and allocation, and budgeting, as well as measure goals. These documents include a long-term strategy that identifies important focus areas to help guide the ERO Enterprise over a longer-term planning horizon, an operating plan with goals and contributing activities to inform the next business plan and budget development cycle, and a set of annual metrics to measure achievement of a highly reliable and secure bulk power system and an efficient and effective ERO Enterprise.


 Strategic and Operational Documents - Approved

2017_Metrics_with_Historical_Data.pdf2017 Metrics with Historical Data3/7/2017
ERO_Enterprise_Strategic_Plan_and_Metrics_2017-2020_Clean.pdfERO Enterprise Strategic Plan and Metrics 2017-2020 (Approved by NERC Board on November 2, 2016)3/7/2017

 Strategic and Operational Documents - Under Development - Draft 1

Draft_1_ERO Enterprise Operating Plan.pdfERO Enterprise Operating Plan7/26/2017
BPA Comments.pdfBPA Comments8/21/2017
CEA_Comments_LTS_2017_August_2017.pdfCEA Comments 8/21/2017
NESCOE_Draft ERO Plan 8-14-17.pdfNESCOE Comments 8/21/2017
NRECA Comments.pdfNRECA Comments 8/21/2017
SPIEGEL277008v1 - TAPS comments on strategic plan.pdfTAPS Comments8/21/2017
SRC_Comment_ERO_LT_Strategy_Op_Plan_Metric_2018 Final.pdfSRC Comments8/21/2017
Cover Letter from NERC Senior Vice-President Michael Walker.pdfCover Letter from NERC Senior Vice-President Michael Walker7/20/2017
Draft_1_ERO Enterprise Long-term Strategy.pdfERO Enterprise Long-term Strategy7/20/2017
Draft_1_2018 ERO Enterprise Metrics.pdf2018 ERO Enterprise Metrics7/20/2017

 Strategic and Operational Documents - Under Development - Draft 2

StrategicDocuments_Cover Letter from NERC Senior Vice President, Michael Walker_Second Comment Period.pdfCover Letter from NERC Senior Vice President, Michael Walker9/15/2017
StrategicDocuments_ERO Enterprise Long-Term Strategy - Clean.pdfERO Enterprise Long-Term Strategy - Clean9/15/2017
StrategicDocuments_ERO Enterprise Long-Term Strategy - Redline.pdfERO Enterprise Long-Term Strategy - Redline9/15/2017
StrategicDocuments_ERO Enterprise Operating Plan - Clean.pdfERO Enterprise Operating Plan - Clean9/15/2017
StrategicDocuments_ERO Enterprise Operating Plan - Redline.pdfERO Enterprise Operating Plan - Redline9/15/2017
StrategicDocuments_2018 ERO Enterprise Metrics - Clean.pdf2018 ERO Enterprise Metrics - Clean9/15/2017
StrategicDocuments_2018 ERO Enterprise Metrics - Redline.pdf2018 ERO Enterprise Metrics - Redline9/15/2017
BCUC Commments.pdfBCUC Commments10/3/2017
CEA Comments.pdfCEA Comments10/3/2017
EEI Comments.pdfEEI Comments10/3/2017
NAGF Comments.pdfNAGF Comments10/3/2017
SERC Board Comments.pdfSERC Board Comments10/3/2017

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