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Project 2010-02 Connecting New Facilities to the Grid

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Board Adopted: August 14, 2014

Filed with FERC: August 22, 2014

Order Effective

Enforcement Date

The Standard Processes Manual obligates NERC to conduct periodic reviews on standards that are more than 10 years old and have not yet been revised through other standards development projects. The FAC Five-Year Review Team developed recommendations to revise FAC-001-1 and FAC-002-1; affirm FAC-003-3, FAC-008-3, and FAC-013-2; and delay review of FAC-010-2.1, FAC-011-2, and FAC-014-2. The FAC Five-Year Review Team’s recommendations were approved by the Standards Committee on October 17, 2013. On February 6, 2014, the Board of Trustees adopted the FAC Five-Year Review Team’s recommendations to affirm FAC-003-3, FAC-008-3, and FAC-013-2. WECC separately reviewed and affirmed FAC-501-WECC-1. A letter explaining this affirmation is posted below.
Project 2010-02 – Connecting New Facilities to the Grid was originally proposed in the Reliability Standards Development Plan: 2010-2012 (see pp. 137-138), but work was never initiated. That project was proposed to “ensure that all of the elements that should be addressed when a new facility is connected to the grid are included” in NERC Reliability Standards and to eliminate fill-in-the-blank components in FAC-001 and FAC-002. Project 2010-02 now refers to the standards development effort to revise FAC-001-1 and FAC-002-1.
Purpose/Industry Need:
The Standards Committee assigned six subject matter experts to review the FAC family of Reliability Standards as part of NERC’s obligation to conduct periodic reviews of its Reliability Standards. The Five-Year Review Team determined that FAC-001-1 and FAC-002-1 remain necessary for reliability to ensure that entities establish Facility connection requirements and then conduct assessments using those requirements before integrating new Facilities. Both Reliability Standards, however, require revision to refocus industry effort on those tasks that have a true impact on reliability.


Draft Action Dates Results Consideration of Comments

Documents for NERC Board of Trustees Review



Supporting Materials:

Implementation Plan

Supporting Materials:

VRF/VSL Justifications

Final Ballots




​06/12/14 - 06/23/14


Ballot Results



Draft RSAWs
Please send RSAW feedback to:

06/12/14 - 06/25/14​
Draft 1
Standard Authorization Request
Supporting Materials:
Ballots and Non-Binding Polls

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​05/06/14 - 05/15/14



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​SAR to Revise FAC-001 and FAC-002
Clean | Redline to Last Posted

Proposed Redlines of Standards (to supplement SAR)

Redline of FAC-001-1 Requirements

Redline of FAC-002-1 Requirements 

Supporting Documents:

Unofficial Comment Form (Word)


Informal Comment Period


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12/18/13 - 1/17/14​ Consideration of Comments >>

WECC Recommendation to Affirm FAC-501-WECC-01 (Posted June 12, 2014)

Final Recommendations for Revision (Submitted to the Standards Committee for Review)
Recommendations for Affirmation or Delayed Review (Submitted to the Standards Committee for Review)
Supporting Materials:
Summary Chart for all FAC Recommendations
Recommendations for Revision
Recommendations for Affirmation or Delayed Review

Supporting Materials:
Unofficial Comment Form (Word) for Recommendations for Affirmation or Delayed Review

Comment Period


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(FAC-001-1, FAC-002-1)


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(FAC-003-3, FAC-008-3, FAC-010-2.1, FAC-011-2, FAC-013-2, FAC-014-2)





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