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Project 2016-EPR-02 Enhanced Periodic Review of Voltage and Reactive Standards

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The periodic review team completed the review of VAR-001-4.1 and VAR-002-4 and found that the standards are sufficient to protect reliability, meet the reliability objectives, and no immediate substantive revisions are necessary. The industry responses from the most recent comment period affirm these recommendations. The Standards Committee accepted the recommendations on June 14, 2017 and authorized NERC staff to make the errata revisions to both standards. The standards are posted below for informational purposes. They will be presented to the Board of Trustees (Board) for reaffirmation in August 2017 and then filed with the applicable governmental authorities. 


The purpose of this project is to conduct a periodic review of a subset of the Voltage and Reactive (VAR) Reliability Standards. The periodic review comprehensively reviews standards to evaluate, for example, whether the requirements are clear and unambiguous. The periodic review will include background information, along with any associated worksheets or reference documents, to guide a comprehensive review that results in a recommendation that the Reliability Standard should be: (1) reaffirmed as is (i.e., no changes needed); (2) revised (which may include revising or retiring one or more requirements); or (3) withdrawn.

Standard(s) Affected VAR-001, VAR-002

Purpose/Industry Need
Generator Operators, Generator Operators, and Transmission Operators, must ensure that voltage levels, reactive flows, and reactive resources are monitored, controlled, and maintained within limits in Real-time to protect equipment and the reliable operation of the Interconnection.

Draft Actions Dates Results Consideration of Comments

Clean | Redline

Clean | Redline

​Posted for Board Review

Final Recommendations submitted to the Standards Committee

Recommendation for VAR-001-4.1

Recommendation for VAR-002-4

For Information Only


Approved by the Standards Committee June 14, 2017

Comment Period


Submit Comments

02/28/17 - 04/13/17
Comments Received​ ​Consideration of Comments

Comment Period


Submit Comments

02/28/17 - 04/13/17
Comments Received ​Consideration of Comments

Drafting Team Nominations

 Supporting Materials

Unofficial Nomination Form (Word)


Nomination Period
02/10/16 - 02/23/16



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