Strategic Documents

The ERO Enterprise (NERC and the Regional Entities) engages in periodic processes to develop strategic and operational documents to guide annual coordinated operations, resource planning and allocation, and budgeting, as well as measure goals. These documents include a long-term strategy that identifies important focus areas to help guide the ERO Enterprise over a longer-term planning horizon, an operating plan with goals and contributing activities to inform the next business plan and budget development cycle, and a set of annual metrics to measure achievement of a highly reliable and secure bulk power system and an efficient and effective ERO Enterprise.

ERO_Enterprise_Long-Term_Strategy_Approved_by_the_NERC_Board_on_Novmeber_9_2017.pdfERO Enterprise Long-Term Strategy (Approved by the NERC Board on November 9, 2017)11/17/2017
ERO_Enterprise_Operating_Plan_Approved_by_the_NERC_Board_on_November_9_2017.pdfERO Enterprise Operating Plan (Approved by the NERC Board on November 9, 2017)3/6/2018
2019 Proposed Industry BPS Dashboard Metrics_Final_v2.pdf2019 ERO Enterprise Dashboard Metrics2/7/2019
ERO Work Plan Priorities 2019_Final_v2.pdf2019 ERO Work Plan Priorities2/7/2019