Program Areas & Departments


​NERC's Standards program ensures the reliability of the bulk power system by developing quality reliability standards in a timely manner that are effective, clear, consistent and technically sound.

 Reliability Risk Management

The ​Reliability Risk Management program's goals are to enhance reliability and serve as a learning initiative by providing timely lessons learned from system events, conditions, and trends.

 Electricity ISAC

E-ISAC gathers security information, coordinates incident management, and communicates mitigation strategies with stakeholders within the electricity industry, across interdependent sectors, and with government partners.

 Compliance & Enforcement

The focus of NERC's Compliance & Enforcement program is to improve the reliability of the bulk power system in North America by fairly and consistently enforcing compliance with NERC standards.

 Event Analysis, Reliability Assessment, and Performance Analysis

The ​Reliability Assessment and Performance Analysis program assesses, measures and investigates historic trends and future projections to improve bulk power system reliability.

 Training & Certification

Training & Certification ensures personnel operating the bulk power system are well-trained and certified to operate the system reliably, and provides training for industry and staff on compliance programs and reliability standards.