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NERCHistoryBook.pdfThe History of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation
March 2023 NERC Timeline.pdfTimeline
March 2023 NERC Fast Facts.pdfFast Facts
March 2023 NERC Frequently Asked Questions FAQ.pdfFrequently Asked Questions
March 2023 Understanding the Grid.pdfUnderstanding the Grid
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EPSA’s Competitive Power Summit Fireside Chats Series: Grid Reliability and Security - Featuring Jim Robb
S&P Global – How renewables and AI drive cyber threats for utilities featuring Manny Cancel
Building The Grid We’ll Leave For Our Grandchildren Featuring Jim Robb
Grid Talk - Featuring Jim Robb - Season 1 Episode 15
Defending the Electric Grid: Manny Cancel on Power System Attacks - Episode 23
Currently Compliant - Episode 5
Currently Compliant - Episode 4
Currently Compliant - Episode 3
Currently Compliant - Episode 2
Currently Compliant - Episode 1
Canadian Electricity Association’s Flux Capacitor Featuring Jim Robb
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2024 State of Reliability
NERC Interregional Transfery Capability Study (ITCS)
2024 Summer Reliability Assessment
NERC 2023 Year-in-Review Video
2023 Long-Term Reliability Assessment Preview
2023 Winter Reliability Assessment Preview
The Grid - 20 Years of Progress Since the 2003 Northeast Blackout
2023 State of Reliability
2023 Summer Reliability Assessment