Organization Registration

All bulk power system owners, operators, and users are required to register with NERC. The process for registration is described in Section 500 and Appendix 5A of the NERC Rules of Procedure. The NERC Compliance Registry (NCR) lists all organizations registered and is therefore subject to compliance with approved Reliability Standards. The current NCR is posted on the NERC website and updated monthly. NERC provides notice of registration or deactivation to all organizations when they are included or removed from the NCR via email and hard copy.

NERC developed a Statement of Compliance Registry Criteria, detailed in Appendix 5B of the NERC Rules of Procedure, that delineates the selection criteria employed by NERC and the Regional Entities to determine fairly and consistently which organizations should be registered as owners, operators, or users of the bulk power system and therefore should be included on the NCR.

Entities with questions regarding organization registration should contact the appropriate Regional Entity or email NERC at

WPS Request for Approval of Rule 1208 Transfer_NERC Posting.pdfMay 2, 2018: WPS Request for Approval of Rule 1208 Transfer
SPP RE Transition Consideration of Comments.pdfJanuary 24, 2018: SPP RE Transition Consideration of Comments
Email Announcement_JRO_ERO Entities_clean.pdfJanuary 16, 2018: ERO Organization Joint Registration Organization Project
SPP RE Transition Additional Information Regarding NERC's Proposed Transferee Regional Entities.pdfDecember 15, 2017: SPP RE Transition Additional Information Regarding NERC’s Proposed Transferee Regional Entities
SPP RE - Public Posting20171130a.pdfDecember 1, 2017: SPP RE Transition Notice of Proposed Transfer Regional Entities
CFR Portal Notice.pdfNovember 17, 2017: CFR Portal Notice
CFR End User Guide for Registered Entities.pdfCoordinated Functional Registration (CFR) Portal Registered Entity User Guide
Reference Document - DP Criteria_Directly Connected (v1).pdfDistribution Provider Reference Document for "directly connected" Determination
ero portal overview and cfr tool training - 110817.pptxERO Portal Overview and CFR Portal Training
NERC ORC Registration Procedure.pdfNERC Registration Services Registration Procedure
Florida Reliability Coordinating Council (FRCC)Website
Midwest Reliablity Organization (MRO)Website
Northeast Power Coordinating Council (NPCC)Website
Reliability First (RF)Website
SERC Reliability Corporation (SERC)Website
Southwest Power Pool, RE (SPP RE)Website
Texas Reliability Entity (Texas RE)Website
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