Enforcement and Mitigation

The Enforcement and Mitigation page provides a consolidated and sortable listing of monthly filings to the Federal and Regulatory Commission. ​​This information is provided for informational purposes only. In the event of a conflict between information on this page and filings, the filings govern.  

Under the Second Joint Staff White Paper on Notices of Penalty Pertaining to Violations of Critical  Infrastructure Protection Reliability Standards (Docket No. AD19-18-000), NERC will no longer publicly post redacted versions of CIP noncompliance filings and submittals.

Drafting Templates for CE FFT and SNOP for Regional Entities_01012021.xlsxDrafting Templates for CEs, FFTs, and SNOPs1/1/2021

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Click the year for individual NERC noncompliance filings to FERC. All regulatory file documents listed are posted in descending order by filing date.


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