Executive Management Group 

Charles A. Berardesco
Interim President and Chief Executive Officer
Mark Lauby
Senior Vice President and Chief Reliability Officer
Michael Walker
Senior Vice President and Chief Enterprise Risk and Strategic Development Officer
Janet Sena
Senior Vice President and Director of Policy and External Affairs

Scott Jones
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer and Treasurer

Stan Hoptroff
Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, and Director of Information Technology
Ken McIntyre
Vice President and Director of Standards and Compliance





Sonia Mendonca
Vice President, Acting General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, and Director of Enforcement






James Merlo
Vice President and Director of Reliability Risk Management






Timothy E. Roxey
Interim Chief Security Officer and Vice President and Chief E-ISAC Operations Officer




Reliability Standards and Education*
Howard Gugel, Senior Director of Standards 

Reliability Assessment and System Analysis
John Moura, Director of Reliability Assessment and System Analysis
Tom Coleman, Director of Reliability Assessment

Compliance Assurance
Andrea Koch, Senior Director of Reliability Assurance
Steven Noess, Director of Compliance Assurance and Program Oversight 

Reliability Initiatives
Bob Cummings, Senior Director of Engineering and Reliability Initiatives

Situation Awareness and Event Analysis
Sam Chanoski, Director of Situation Awareness and Event Analysis

Bill Lawrence, Senior Director of E-ISAC
Laura Brown, Director of Programs and Engagement
Steve Herrin, Director of Operations

Corporate Support

Policy and External Affairs
Kimberly Mielcarek, Senior Director of Communications
Laura Hussey, Director of International Relations
Fritz Hirst, Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs

Finance and Accounting
Andy Sharp, Controller

Human Resources
Damon Epperson, Director of Human Resources

Information Technology
Marvin Santerfeit, Director of Information Technology and Services

*Includes Education, Training, and Operator Certification