The Align Project


May 25, 2021

The ERO Enterprise is excited to announce the Release 1 launch of the Align tool and the ERO Secure Evidence Locker (SEL) for NPCC, ReliabilityFirst and SERC as of May 24, 2021. Align and the ERO SEL are designed to process and track all compliance monitoring and enforcement activities with the goal of improving security and standardizing processes across the ERO Enterprise.

NPCC, ReliabilityFirst and SERC join MRO, NERC, Texas RE and WECC, which have already begun using the Align tool and the ERO SEL. Release 1 includes self-reporting/self-logging, enforcement processing, and mitigation functionality in Align, as well as the use of the ERO SEL to collect registered entity-provided evidence as part of the ERO Enterprise’s CMEP activities. Subsequent releases will introduce new functionalities to the platform throughout 2021.

“The dedication and collaboration across the Enterprise to get to this point is truly inspiring,” said Jason Blake, president and CEO of SERC.  

​Numerous resources are developed to assist users, including registered and Regional Entity newsletters, webinars and a frequently asked questions document, which are available here. Additionally, the NERC Training Site contains all Align and ERO SEL training materials, including training videos and the Start, Stop, Continue Guide as well as Align and ERO SEL user guides.

Align and ERO Secure Evidence Locker Training Schedule 

Regional staff training dates are below. Dates for registered entity training will be announced separately by each region.

2021 Training Schedule Updated 3.jpg 

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1-Align Registered Entity SEL Functional Requirements February 2021.pdf1-Align Registered Entity SEL Functional Requirements February 2021
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ERO Enterprise BES Artifact Submittal Exception Process_04262021_v2_CLEAN.pdfERO Enterprise BES Artifact Submittal Exception Process_04262021_v2_CLEAN


The objectives and benefits of the Align Project are:
  • Single, common portal for registered entities, enabling consistency of experience
  • Real-time access to information, eliminating delays and manual communications
  • Improved capability to support the Risk-Based Compliance Oversight Framework
  • Enhanced quality assurance and oversight, enabling consistent application of the CMEP
  • Improved analytics, including visibility into compliance and reliability risks
  • Increased capability to implement audit best practices and processes (planning, fieldwork, reporting, quality assurance)
  • Standardization and implementation of common business processes and workflows, enabling increased productivity (estimated 15 percent gain for ERO Enterprise CMEP staff)