Bulk Power System Awareness

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The NERC Bulk Power System Awareness (BPSA) group collects and analyzes information on system disturbances and other incidents that could have an impact to the North American bulk power system (BPS). This information is then disseminated to Registered Entities, governmental agencies, and the ERO Enterprise. Furthermore, BPSA monitors weather systems, weather patterns, and natural disasters, as well as geopolitical events that may potentially impact or are currently impacting the BPS. 

​NERC BPSA, with the assistance of Reliability Coordinators and use of various tools, monitors present conditions on the BPS; providing leadership coordination, technical expertise analysis, and assisting Registered Entities as needed to ensure the security and reliability of the BPS. To fulfill their mission, the BPSA team maintains near real-time situation awareness of conditions and events on the BPS. The team notifies industry partners of significant BPS events that have occurred on the system, especially those in one area that could potentially impact reliability in other areas, and events that could cascade across regions by maintaining and strengthening high-level communication, coordinating industry activities, and collaboration with government agencies regarding all real-time conditions. ​​​



To report bulk power system incidents, contact: ​​
System Awareness 24-hour Hotline: 404.446.9780, and press 1 for BPS operational issues. 
System Awareness Fax: 404.446.9770
System Awareness Email: systemawareness@nerc.net