Reliability Risk Management
NERC’s Reliability Risk Management (RRM) group carries out the ERO’s statutory responsibility by performing assessments (including Real‐time or near Real‐time assessments) of the reliability and adequacy of the bulk power system and by identifying potential issues of concern relating to system, equipment, entity, and human performance that may indicate the possible need to develop new or modified Reliability Standards.

RRM includes four primary functions: (1) bulk power system awareness; (2) event analysis; (3) performance analysis; (4) reliability assessment. This group focuses directly on proactive awareness of bulk power system conditions and all events over a threshold of impact. RRM analyzes events and addresses the most significant risks to bulk power system reliability, ensuring that industry is well informed of system events, emerging trends, risk analysis, lessons learned, and expected actions. These functions may also identify areas in which new or enhanced compliance monitoring and enforcement initiatives are warranted, pursuant to the ERO’s statutory responsibility to monitor, enforce, and achieve compliance with mandatory Reliability Standards.

 RRM News

Lessons Learned - 8/6/2021 - Three new lessons learned have been published.

Lessons Learned Quick Reference Guides - Brief summaries of the lessons learned posted since 2015. All lessons learned published since 2010 are currently available on the lessons learned page.