NERC’s GridEx VII Tests Rapid and Innovative Response Capabilities

WASHINGTON, D.C. – GridEx VII has concluded the distributed play portion of its exercise. Over the past two days, more than 250 organizations played simultaneously in a complex and challenging scenario while adapting the exercise to meet their specific organizational needs. This year’s scenario reflected real-world cyber and physical threats and was designed to stress-test crisis response and recovery plans. Hosted every two years by NERC’s Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (E-ISAC), GridEx is the largest grid security exercise in North America. 

“Although, the E-ISAC is not aware of any specific credible cyber or physical threats to the North American grid, the threat landscape in which we are operating is unprecedented – we are facing challenges that are increasingly difficult to detect and protect against,” said Manny Cancel, NERC senior vice president and E-ISAC chief executive officer. “Our adversaries continue to look for ways to exploit our interconnected system. We must continue to be vigilant. By working together in exercises like GridEx, we can make sure they are not successful.”

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Posted On: 11/16/2023