Resources Subcommittee (RS)

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The Resources Subcommittee assists the NERC Operating Committee (OC) in enhancing Bulk Electric System (BES) reliability by implementing the goals and objectives of the OC Strategic Plan with respect to issues in the areas of balancing resources and demand, interconnection frequency, and control performance. The RS’s responsibilities include the following functions:

  • Reviewing and assisting in the development of generation and load “balancing” standards. Which may include developing any necessary reference documents.
  • Reviewing and assisting in the development of interconnection balancing standards to assure problems resulting from balancing do not adversely affect reliability.
  • Providing oversight and guidance to working groups and task forces.
  • Providing industry leadership and guidance on matters relating to balancing resources and demand issues as well as resulting issues related to interconnection frequency.
  • Addressing the reliability aspects of inadvertent interchange creation, accounting, and payback.
  • Review balancing authorities’ control performance (e.g., CPS and DCS) on a periodic basis.
  • Address technical issues on automatic generation control (AGC), time error correction, operating reserve, and frequency response.
  • Provide oversight and guidance on aspects of interchange scheduling as it applies to impacts on balancing and inadvertent interchange.


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