Resources Subcommittee (RS)
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Resources Subcommittee (RS) assists the NERC Reliability and Security Technical Committee (RSTC)​ in enhancing Bulk Electric System (BES) reliability by implementing the goals and objectives of the RSTC Strategic Plan with respect to issues in the areas of balancing resources and demand, interconnection frequency, and control performance. The RS’s responsibilities include the following functions:
  • ​Reviewing and assisting in the development of generation and load “balancing” standards. Which may include developing any necessary reference documents.
  • Reviewing and assisting in the development of interconnection balancing standards to assure problems resulting from balancing do not adversely affect reliability.
  • Providing oversight and guidance to working groups and task forces.
  • Providing industry leadership and guidance on matters relating to balancing resources and demand issues as well as resulting issues related to interconnection frequency.
  • Addressing the reliability aspects of inadvertent interchange creation, accounting, and payback.
  • Review balancing authorities’ control performance (e.g., CPS and DCS) on a periodic basis.
  • Address technical issues on automatic generation control (AGC), time error correction, operating reserve, and frequency response.
  • Provide oversight and guidance on aspects of interchange scheduling as it applies to impacts on balancing and inadvertent interchange.

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2023_FRAA_Report_Final.pdf2023 Frequency Response Annual Analysis Report
2022_FRAA_Draft_Report.pdf2022 Frequency Response Annual Analysis report
2019 FRAA Report Final.pdf2019 Frequency Response Annual Analysis Report
2018_FRAA_Report_Final.pdf2018 Frequency Response Annual Analysis Report
2017_FRAA_Final_20171113.pdf2017 Frequency Response Annual Analysis Report
2016_FRAA_Report_2016-09-30.pdf2016 Frequency Response Annual Analysis Report
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BAL-001-2–Real_Power_Balancing_Control_Performance.pdfBAL-001-2 – Real Power Balancing Control Performance7/18/2017
collapse BAL Standard : BAL-002 ‎(2)
BAL-002-1—Disturbance_Control_Performance.pdfBAL-002-1 - Disturbance Control Performance
collapse BAL Standard : BAL-003 ‎(19)
BAL-003_Frequency_Bias_Setting_Instructions_for_2019_Implementation.pdfBAL-003 Frequency Bias Setting Instructions for 2019 Implementation3/22/2019
BA_FRO_Allocations_for_OY2019.pdfBA FRO Allocations for OY201911/20/2018
IFR Master Event List_REDACTED.xlsxIFR Master Event List11/6/2023
BAL-003 Frequency Bias Settings 01Dec19.pdfBAL-003 Frequency Bias Settings 01Dec1912/17/2019
2018_Frequency_Bias_Settings_ L10_Values.pdf2018 Frequency Bias Settings + L10 Values5/2/2018
2017 Frequency Bias Settings and L10 Values.pdfBAL-003-1 Frequency Bias Settings and L10 Values – OY 2017 3/28/2017
BAL-003 Imp Workshop 8-23-16 Presentations.pdf​​BAL-003-1 Implementation Workshop Materials - Workshop date: August 23, 20168/24/2016
BAL-003-1_Implementation_Procedure_for_2016_Revised_12-22-15.pdfBAL-003-1 Implementation Procedure for 2016 - Revised12/22/2015
FRI_Report_10-30-12_Master_w-appendices.pdf​Frequency Response Initiative Report - The Reliability Role of Frequency Response10/30/2012
collapse BAL Standard : BAL-004 ‎(1)
BAL-004-0—Time_Error_Correction.pdfBAL-004-0 - Time Error Correction7/18/2017
collapse BAL Standard : BAL-005 ‎(1)
collapse BAL Standard : BAL-006 ‎(1)
BAL-006-2—Inadvertent_Interchange.pdfBAL-006-2 Inadvertent Interchange7/18/2017

 2019 GOP Survey Webinar

​2019 GOP Survey Webinar - September 26, 2019

Presentation | Streaming Webinar

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2019_Frequency_Response_Survey_FAQ.pdf2019 Frequency Response Survey FAQ9/19/2019
2019_GOP_Survey_Webinar_20190926.pdf2019 GOP Survey Webinar - September 26, 20199/26/2019
BA_letter_20191010.pdf2019 BA Survey Letter10/10/2019
GO_GOP_Letter_20191002.pdf2019 Generator Survey Letter for GOs and GOPs10/2/2019
PFR_Survey_Calculation_Tool_Instructions.pdfPFR Survey Calculation Tool Instructions9/19/2019
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PFR_Survey_Ver1_05_03_2019_.xlsmPFR Survey Ver1 - Event Date: 5/3/20199/19/2019
PFR_Survey_Ver1_07_12_2019_.xlsmPFR Survey Ver1 - Event Date: 7/12/20199/19/2019
PFR_Survey_Ver1_09_03_2019_.xlsmPFR Survey Ver1 - Event Date: 9/3/20199/19/2019
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PFR_Survey_Ver1_07_26_2019_WI.xlsmPFR Survey Ver1 - Event Date: 7/26/20199/19/2019
PFR_Survey_Ver1_08_23_2019_.xlsmPFR Survey Ver1 - Event Date: 8/23/20199/19/2019