System Planning Impacts from Distributed Energy Resources Working Group (SPIDERWG)

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The purpose of the System Planning Impacts from Distributed Energy Resources Working Group (SPIDERWG) is to address aspects of these key points of interest related to system planning, modeling, and reliability impacts to the bulk power system (BPS). This effort builds off of the work accomplished by the NERC Distributed Energy Resources Task Force (DERTF) and the NERC Essential Reliability Services Task Force/Working Group (ERSTF/ERSWG), and addresses some of the key goals in the ERO Enterprise Operating Plan.  

Summary of Activities: BPS-Connected Inverter-Based Resources and Distributed Energy Resources

SPIDERWG_White_Paper_TPL-001_Assessment_and_DER.pdfSPIDERWG White Paper TPL-001 Assessment and DER11/5/2020
NERC_SPIDERWG_Sub_Group_Leads_2019_10.pdfNERC SPIDERWG Sub-Group Leads10/28/2019
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