6 GHz Task Force (6GHZTF)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​In 2020, a consortium of electric industry associations published a report on the Impact of Proposed Wi-Fi Operations on Microwave Links at 6 GHz. The 6 GHz band of the radio spectrum is widely used by a broad array of industries responsible for critical infrastructure such as electric, gas and water utilities, railroads, and wireless carriers, as well as by public safety and law enforcement officials. Those industries rely on the 6 GHz band to operate their equipment and is a main source of primary communications for voice and data, and in-some cases back-up communications, during emergencies and disasters. The report identifies impacts to electric power operations. Additional follow-on work by EPRI and various affected stakeholders have shown—through testing--impacts to their critical electric infrastructure communications due to increased congestion and interference on the 6 GHz wireless communication band. As adoption of the new technology increases, the risk to BPS operations may increase.

​The Reliability and Security Technical Committee (RSTC) oversees the 6 GHz Task Force (6GHZTF).

The 6 GHz Task Force will provide recommendations to the NERC RSTC as follows:

  1. Determine scope of issue (e.g., limited to 6 GHz, relationship to other telecommunications items, etc.)
  2. Gather information related to risk of harmful interference in the 6 GHz spectrum.
    1. ​​​​Identify penetration and BPS users relying on 6 GHz.
    2. Reach to industry for input on potential readiness issues (e.g., trade associations, membership organization, complianc​e forums, registered entities, etc.).
    3. Initiate or request industry information related to current harmful interference experience.
    4. ​​Identify potential mitigation strategies.
  3. Evaluate options for industry outreach.
  4. Develop suggested recommendations related to the issue.

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