2022 RSTC At-Large Nominations

​​Ladies and Gentlemen:

The period for nominating At-Large candidates for the Reliability and Security Technical Committee (RSTC) begins on December 13 and ends on December 27, 2022.

Open At-Large Seats

Eight (8) At-Large seats are available for the RSTC:

  • Seven (7) At-Large seats whose terms will expire in 2025
  • One (1) At-Large seat whose term will expire in 2024 (fulfilling the remaining term created  by a member resignation in December 2022) 

As provided in the RSTC Charter, selection of At-Large members will allow for better balancing of representation on the RSTC of the following:

  • Regional Entity and Interconnection diversity (i.e., goal of having at least one representative from each Interconnection and Regional Entity footprint);
  • Subject matter expertise (Planning, Operating, or Security);
  • Organizational types (Cooperatives, Investor-Owned Utilities, Public Power, Power Marketing Agencies, etc.); and,
  • North American countries, consistent with the NERC Bylaws (Canada, Mexico, and U.S.).​

The RSTC Nominating Subcommittee met December 1, 2022, and evaluated the expertise of all Sector and At-Large members to determine the additional expertise/diversity needed to balance through the At-Large nominees to meet the goals of the Charter. The additional expertise/diversity needed include:

  1. At least one Canadian
  2. Subject Matter Expertise: Cyber and Physical Security
  3. Interconnection Diversity: Western Interconnection and Quebec Interconnection
  4. Functional Entity Expertise: Reliability Coordinator, Purchasing-Selling Entity, Transmission Service Provider representation

Sector/Organization Diversity: Sector 7 (Electricity Marketer) and 8 (Large end-use electricity customer)

Nomination Period is December 13-27, 2022.​​​

2022 RSTC At-Large N​​ominations​​

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