RSTC Sector Nominations

​​​​​​The period for nominating candidates for the Reliability and Security Technical Committee (RSTC) is October 25 – November 15, 2023.

Open Member Positions:

  • Sectors 1-10 and 12: Each sector has one seat open for a two-year term expiring in 2026.

If no more than one nomination is received, the nominee will be deemed to have been elected for the open seat. If there is more than one nominee for these sectors, there will be a sector election process to determine the final representative for that seat.

Terms expire as of the approval of the new membership slates at the Board of Trustees annual February meeting. 

You do not have to be a NERC member in order to nominate a sector nominee.  However, if there is an election process, only NERC Members may elect the RSTC members in each sector.

Sector nominees need not be NERC members in the sector for which they are nominated; however, they must be eligible to be a member in that sector.

  • ​For example, Company X is an investor-owned utility holding company that owns a utility and an unregulated merchant generation. Company X, which can only join one NERC membership sector, is a NERC member in the investor-owned utility sector; however, it could have joined the merchant electricity generator sector. Therefore, nominees from either sector may be submitted by Company X.

Canadian sector nominations are encouraged.

​Nomination Period is October 25 – November 15, 2023 | 2023 RSTC Sector Nomination Form

2023 RSTC Sector Nominations
​Sector 1 Nominations
Vinit Gupta​​​​
Nicholas MortonWilliam Vesely
Sector 2 Nominations
David Grubbs
Sector 3 Nominations
Nathan Brown​
Gregory McAuley

Sector 4 Nominations
Robert Reinmuller

Sector 5 Nominations
John Lemire
Sector 6 Nominations
Brett Kruse
Michael Goggin
Sector 7 Nominations
Jodirah Green

Sector 8 Nominations

Sector 9 Nominations

Sector 10 Nominations
Ahmed Maria
Sector 12 Nominations