Project Management and Oversight Subcommittee (PMOS)

The PMOS is focused on monitoring Standards Development projects and reporting to the NERC Standards Committee (SC). This subcommittee assigns at least one PMOS member, as a liaison, to each active Reliability Standard Under Development project. Each PMOS Liaison works cooperatively with the project’s NERC standards developer to help ensure schedules are achieved, to identify and assist in any drafting team process issues, and to ensure all drafting team members regularly attend meetings/calls and actively participate.


Project Tracking Spreadsheet
PMOS Roster 2020
PMOS 2020 Meeting Schedule Dates and Locations
PMOS Nomination Form October 2019
PMOS 5-Year Project Performance Chart (Ending June 2019)
PMOS Liaison Best Practices
PMOS Charter
Projects Annual Calendar
PMOS Scope Final
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