Standards Committee Process Subcommittee (SCPS)

The SCPS is focused on maintaining the documents that support the standards development process. This Subcommittee collects information from all Standards Committee members to identify modifications needed. This subcommittee drafts the modifications (or requests that a work group be formed to draft the modifications) and works with NERC staff to obtain approvals for the proposed modifications.

SCPS Scope.pdfSCPS Scope
SCPS Roster.pdfSCPS Roster
SCPS Meeting Schedule.pdfSCPS Meeting Schedule
Scope of Task Standard Drafting Team Training.pdfScope of Task Standard Drafting Team Training
Resource Document Project Phase 2.pdfResource Document Project Phase 2
Addressing Failure to Achieve Quorum in Balloting Standards.pdfAddressing Failure to Achieve Quorum in Balloting Standards
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